11 Seconds

The idea of multiple games in one proved to be successful in my "I Wanna Win!" game. I wanted to make a sequel and a good occasion was Ludum Dare 27 theme: "10 seconds".

But it took me more than 48 hours to make this game, so, I'll give the players not 10, but 11 seconds to complete each of the 11 levels. The 11th second is special and if you figure out what's so special with it, you'll reach the top score.

The minigames are: Clicking, Counting, Swiping, Chess, Rotating, Shooting, Tiling, Avoiding, Geometry, Teleporter and Comparing. You'll have to click quickly, move your mouse, drag and drop objects and perform many more various tasks to score points.
Game's rewards:
Daily 2nd on Newgrounds!


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